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Clean Canz is the New Solution to Cleaner and Hassle-free Housekeeping

May 19, 2020

Access to supermarkets and stores is limited because everyone is encouraged to not step out of our front doors except to grab the essentials. But picture this, you come home from the store after purchasing a long list of items but find out you forgot to get trash bin liners. It may sound trivial and you shrug it off, but you have a mountain of containers and scattered wrappers staring back at you. Do you risk going back to the store again? Do you just ignore the filth? For today that could be fine, but what's going to happen for the rest of the week? Your house is in dire need of help, and you suddenly wish there was a way out of this mess.

It's no longer a problem because since Clean Canz has launched, homes everywhere are safer and cleaner without the hassle and without suffering from the stink. Clean Canz is a subscription company that delivers 95-gallon trash bin liner liners door-to-door at the homeowner's convenience, and they're ready to assist you with your housekeeping needs.

Trash could pile up for long periods, and the smell, plus the growing population of bacteria could infect your household. Clean Canz liners are specially designed to prevent your trash bin from being contaminated with harmful diseases, foul smells, and other dangerous types of bacteria. Each box or package also comes with two rubber bands to keep the bag tightly secured.


Using several containers to get rid of your trash is also a thing of the past because Clean Canz liners are large enough to be used once a week in your bin. The full bag will then be dumped out on trash day when your local sanitation company comes to pick it up.

Clean Canz was created by 19 to 20-year-old entrepreneurs in Buford, Georgia, who want to make a difference in the environment by starting with every household. Taking out the trash was a chore they personally didn't like growing up, so the group of friends brainstormed to do something about it. Everyone needs help taking out the trash because it's smelly, dirty, and probably every kid or adult's least favorite daily chore. So in 2019, they launched their brainchild cleverly named Clean Canz. The environmentally-conscious company believes that by substituting the everyday use of small trash bags by using one large Clean Canz liner instead, we could decrease tons of plastic being dumped in our landfills.

Clean Canz delivers to your doorstep. You can order quantities of 13 liners or 26 Clean Canz liners at an affordable price. To place your order and know more about the product, visit their www.cleancanz.comInstagram, or Facebook page, or email info@cleancanz.com. Help Clean Canz to stop the spread of dirty, stinky trash bins!